Relationship problems

RelationshipsHealthy and satisfying relationships can help make our lives more fulfilling. Relationship problems at home, in the family, at work or socially are very common and can cause great distress. It may be an intimate relationship that has become difficult or you may be finding it hard to get on with someone at work. Perhaps you have struggled with relationships generally and you have ended up feeling lonely and isolated.

When might you need help with relationships?

Relationship problems can affect self-esteem and leave us feeling anxious or depressed. Sometimes talking to your family or a good friend can be very helpful but this can be difficult too. It can be especially distressing if you feel you have no one to turn to. If you are struggling to resolve things and the difficulties are interfering with your life it may be time to seek help.

How can Counselling help with relationships?

Counselling can help by providing the support you need while you are working through difficult relationship issues. In a therapeutic relationship, issues can be explored freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with family or friends.  Counselling can help you to explore relationships that are proving troublesome, to locate the source of difficulty and consider options available. From this, you may come to understand more about yourself, feel less confused and consider any necessary changes, or perhaps come to terms with things that cannot be changed.

I have considerable experience of working with relationship issues and I have a Masters degree in Human Relations.

When might couples counselling be helpful?

Although I do not offer couples work, there are times when a couple may find it more helpful to work together with a therapist to resolve their issues. Relate is a well regarded organisation which provides relationship counselling for couples and families as well as individuals.